On scholarships, student-oriented job markets in Vienna

Hello everyone! Since I am about to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in a STEAM field, I was starting to ponder on where to apply for my Master’s–specifically, I am looking for a good, somewhat high-ranking University (within the borders of the European Union) that offers programs and/or courses to English-speaking folks.

I’ve been to Vienna before Corona and it was a very colorful, inspiring experience. So, for starters, I am considering the University of Wien.

My question is pretty specific. How do scholarships work in Austria, and specifically at the University of Wien? How would I know if I were able to get it, and how would I apply for one anyway? The [University website](https://international.univie.ac.at/en/summer-and-winter-schools/general-information-about-application-and-scholarships/scholarship/) (whilst really clear on every other matter regarding admission, fees, etc) doesn’t really tell much, other than „check the faculty website“ (can’t find much there either).

I am 22 years old. Holding Italian citizenship. I’d still be 22 when I earn my Bachelor’s and eventually start studying in Austria. I have some savings (about 20k€), but I don’t have a stable form of income anymore, nor can I financially rely on my family to maintain me. With my savings, I’d maybe be able to pay rent (which is quite Milan-like high), bills, food and whatnot for… a year? Probably less.

Say I can’t get a scholarship, for any reason. Do you think I would be able to find a part-time job (or the like) without speaking German? Or is it considered ‚mandatory‘ for most places? What kind of jobs should I be looking for?

Eg., the question is basically „*How would I maintain myself as an English-speaking student in Vienna? Are there scholarships for Master’s? If not, what do the student-oriented job markets look like right now?*“. Please let me know if I was unclear in my form. Also, any tips on the topic are highly appreciated. I am trying to understand if Vienna could be my city for the next (at least) 2 years of my life.

I didn’t know where to post this question; I asked on the subreddit’s discord and someone told me to just create a new thread here–hopefully, I’m not breaking any rules 😛

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